The best home accessories you should buy are any home accessories that add value to a room. And when we say ‘add value’, we’re talking style, personality or just something to start a conversation.

Why Are Home Accessories Important?

So why bother with home accessories when they are exactly that… accessories? Well, home accessories play an important role in a home. They must do because Brits spent on average about £10 billion a year in the last five years. They can turn any room from a dark and dreary place to a lively sanctuary.

Accessories complete the decor and shape the ambiance of any room or space. This article is the first of three in a series that will discuss the different kinds of accessories that can be used to shape and accent a home, giving you some guidance on what is available and how you can use them to enhance the space where you live.

Home Accessories

Home Accessories for Your Walls

If you are looking for something that sets off the decor of any room, then artwork is an almost irreplaceable part of the accessory. A nice framed piece of art is a great addition to any room, and works great for the corner of a living room, study or even the patio. It is very easy to take a good piece of artwork to any room of the house. It simply goes in an easel and it is ready to be hung up!

Of course, the problem with artwork is that most of the time, you end up with something like the image below hanging on your walls, even though you had no intention of that being the end result (I hope). The problem is that a nice piece of art work can often end up looking a bit rubbish because it doesn’t fit in with the decor of the room.

Home Accessories

Instead of artwork, you may want to consider putting something on your walls other than a painting; that is to say, something to hang from your walls that adds to the overall decor of a room. In this case it doesn’t need to be art per se, it could be anything that adds value, such as a shelf, a clock, or a mirror.

Candle Holders for Ambient Lighting

At Total Mart UK, we love candles. In fact, we have an entire category dedicated to candles, candle holders, and candles with different fragrance. Candles are one of the most versatile accessories. You can hang a candle on the wall, which I forgot to mention above, place it on a shelf, or line the fireplace with lovely candles. Candles come in various sizes and shapes, and the scents and colours are endless. You could also try a candle centrepiece to sit on the dining table and give your usual dinner a lift.

However, it’s important to keep in mind what type of decor you have in the room you want to add candles to. One of our best-selling themes is Kasbah candle holders, and while we personally think they look absolutely brilliant, they do not fit every decor. Fortunately, we have candle holders that will fit most decors.

And you shouldn’t forget tea light candle holders, which we also have a selection of. These can be great fun as their design can be much adventurous, as tea light candles are small and do not weigh a great deal. One of our favourite tea light holders is a black wire tiered six candle holder with glass holders. Not only does it look great, but it also makes a great conversation piece.

Artificial Plants and Trees to Add Colour

Everyone loves the great feeling you get from having a nice fresh plants or flowers in your home. And the more plants and you have around a room, the more natural and inviting they seem. The variety of style, themes and arrangements gives you endless options and choices. The only problem is buying fresh plants or flowers on a regular basis can become quite expensive these days.

A better option may be to consider buying artificial plants or trees. The good news is that these days, artificial greenery is so realistic these days that visitors to your house will never know that the plants you have scattered around your home are not real. For example, check out one of our most popular artificial plants, a banyan tree.

The other benefit of buying artificial plants, instead of the real Macoy, is that your don’t have to be blessed with green fingers. In fact, it doesn’t matter what colour your fingers are because, apart from a bit of dusting and wiping down every now and then, there is nothing you need to do to keep your artificial plants looking great. Good news if you are like me and can’t keep a houseplant alive for more than five minutes!

Ornaments and Figurines for Adding Your Personality

There is nothing wrong with reading material on your shelves, but why not consider something that adds more of your own personality to a room, such as an ornament or figurine. Whether you’re looking for a bowls and plates, money boxes, or Tree of Life theme ornaments, we have something for you.

Not only do ornaments brighten up a room, but they also work well at breaking up a shelf or mantelpiece, making these more than just a boring, flat area. And ornaments and figurines don’t just add character to a room; they also give you something to talk about when you are entertaining guests in your home.

Of course, you almost certainly do have books on your shelves and you can also add your own personality to these, by buying bookends to match your home decor. And what better way to show people what you love than with animal bookends. At Total Mart UK, we have elephant bookends, dog and cat bookends, and even unicorn bookends.

Lamps to Give Extra Lighting Where Needed

In a word, lamps are great as home accessories! Not only do they brighten up dark corners of a room, but they also add style to your chosen home decor. Whether you are lighting up a porch or a patio, a living room or a landing, a bedroom or a bathroom, anywhere will benefit from having a lamp.

The important thing to remember when thinking about lamps is not to place them haphazardly. One of the most important things to remember is which rooms will need task lighting. For example, a bathroom might look cool with a corner lamp throwing out week light but bathrooms need strong lighting for activities like shaving or doing makeup. On the other hand, a corner lamp for a dining room adding ambient light will look wonderful.

It is amazing how many homeowners do not consider lamps when buying home accessories when they really are essential for any room. Luckily for you, if you don’t have any, we at Total Mart UK understand the importance of lamps, so much so that we have a wide range of lighting and lamps to fit any style of home decor.

Wrapping Up Buying Home Accessories

And there you have it. A (very brief) post all about five of the most essential items of home accessories that you should consider when adding to your home decor. None of the above will break the bank, but all of them will add real value to any room.

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